Who is this Rich Johnson guy? 

Well you're not here to read my biography so here's the short version. 

Originally for Kent, United Kingdom where I started photography. Studied in Broadstairs and Brighton. Worked with the late Steve Shipman, PSC Photography London and various publications. I also spent three years with Ocean Images as a cruise ship photorapher.

Lived in Helsinki, Finland for a while. Love that place and the people. Moved back to London, United Kingdom and got into Tech. 

Worked for and with lots of interesting clients over the years and now run a consulting firm that focuses on growth through Tech + Human Development. 

Currently splitting my time between Harwich, UK and my little plot of land in rural Romania. This is where I have a little workshop to make stuff and a wonderful garden. 


Can I hire you as a photographer? 

That depends on the project. I don't take on many commercial photography jobs these days but I'm interested in travel photojournalism. Drop me a line and we can discuss. 

Can I buy photo prints / books or products from the workshop? 

Yes. I'm planning on adding a shop on this site in the future. For now, send me a message and let me know what you're interested in. 

Can I hire you as a consultant? 

Maybe, head over to my company website for more details.

Why Totallyrich? 

I registered this domain in July 2005 while I was working for a London tech firm. Back then we all wanted our own blogs and were learning about web development. At the time I thought it sounded cool but over the years I've grown to dislike it. Yet, American's seem to love it and I often get positive comments about it. Plus, it's been my personal email ever since, so it's staying. 

You can contact me by email, at: the short version of Richard (not that one!) @totallyrich.com

I try to respond to all emails within 1 day. Unless I don't want to. 

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